Growth is never mere chance:it is a result of forces working together.And Auxesis has always been symbolised as a synonym of growth.
Auxesis is a legacy that challanges history for a better competition .This tech-no-cultural fest of ours is one of the most popular college fest in India.
Auxesis is a plethora of exhilarating events that aims in aspiring the zealous youth to show their uniqueness to the world.It is a consortium of live music ,enriching workshops and competitions that appeals the youth to discover new possibilities.
Auxesis in its past six years has reached an indefinable fest and this time we aim to conquer the peak of the mountain of success.Auxesis v7.0 is going to carry on the legacy and challenge history on more time for a better competition.


Use your own screenshot.

Auxesis 7.0 trailler



With Auxesis get globally aware of the rapid flux and dive into the 'Tsunami of Technobytes'.

Process your 'Gamification'.

We're holding the key to making your bot-making gonzos come true.






Attitudes are contagious.Are yours worth taking?

Say Hello!to your Mr.Travellerpants witness the cultural varieties,the hypecrowd ,the buzzing nights and the magnificent intensity that Auxesis v7.0 is bringing to you.

Be a part of the breakthrough.

Showcase your talents.Conquer your event.

Its time to instill your cultural sensitivity.




Every game is game seven.

Got Game?

Passion to perform?

Get the attention you deserve in Auxesis

Progress check on your goals,conclusively:

Out hustle ,out work,out think ,out play,out last.


The school module will be organizing a bunch of interesting events for middle school and high school students.

A number of exciting events for the school students are in hand with age groups for every event. The following are the events


The management module will be organizing and hosting some very unique and creative events for all college students.

The events that will be conducted are


Want to contribute to our society and enviroment then join our hands together and let us march

towards a world with better society.Auxesis 7.0 presents






Name:Kaushik Das


Contact No:9864675792


Name:Malancha Maiukh Saikia

Contact No:9577055287

Name:Bikash Das


Contact No:7002444703

Name:Pragya Priya Dutta


Contact No:8011113161

Name:Parag Pathak

Contact No:8638916920

Name:Mrinmoy roy

Contact No:9613756175

Name:Syed Sahil Anouer Rusul

Contact No:7002363910

Name:Akanksha Patwa

Contact No:7002938715

Name:Dikshita Kakoti

Contact No:7896872729

Name:Samarendra Singh

Contact No:7086833883

Name:Manisha Mahanta

Contact No:7896190121

Name:Najib Alhaddad

Contact No:7002923556

Name:Raj saurav Khaklari

Contact No:9577472626

Name:Adarsha Acharjee

Contact No:7002595536

Name: Bishal Das

Contact No:8135004885

Name: Nilabh Sharma

Contact No:7399953312

Name: Jyotimoy Das

Contact No:7002202614

Name: Meer Moswaraf Hussain

Contact No:

Name: Gric Diphusa

Contact No:7035316729

Name:Sanjay Krishna Bharali

Contact No:7575949029

Name:Nargis Sultana Laskar

Contact No:8486885154

Name:Pingol Pratyush Tamuli

Contact No:9678668080

Name:Zinnat Afrin Sultana

Contact No:9864541829

Name:Kakon Dey

Contact No:8761869428

Name:Mandeep Bhuyan

Contact No:8011457398

Name:Jinendra Sipani

Contact No:7086107933

Name:Tonmoy Sarkar

Contact No:8761869428

Name:Dikhita Lahon

Contact No:8486252977

Name:Sayan Chakraborty

Contact No: 8402011051

Name:Sreyoshi Dutta

Contact No: 943508952

Name:Mayur Pratim Das

Contact No: 9956351454

Name:Bidyut Bikash Kakati

Contact No:9085648697

Name:Praveen Karmakar

Contact No: 8011563023

Name:Pragyan Phukan

Contact No: 8486653755

Name:Azizul Haque Choudhury

Contact No:9577234918

Name:Farhad Sajid Barbhuiyan

Contact No:9435635998

Name:Simanta Keot

Contact No:8638402417

Name:Partha Pratim Das

Contact No:9577574628

Name:Anindita Chowdhury

Contact No:9577815728

Name:Piyali Dey

Contact No:9085806124

Name:Nilotpal Deka

Contact No:8638064855

Name:Kingshuk Talukdar

Contact No:7399685931

Name:Partha Jyoti Das

Contact No:7896752247

Name:Manish Bayan

Contact No:8723896049

Name:Sasanka Shekhar Baruah

Contact No:8876467973

Name:Sankur Dutta

Contact No:7002363912

Name:Abinash Deka

Contact No:8472997576

Name:Apratim Bora

Contact No:9854842395

Name:Nabajyoti Sarma

Contact No:9577501198

Name:Rajdeep Buragohain

Contact No:7002384383

Name:Junak Priyam

Contact No:7577036983

Name:Yusuf Ahmed

Contact No:8822280508

Name:Gyandeep Chetia

Contact No:9678603629

Name:Alangkrit Kakoty

Contact No:7002036224

Name:Bidisha Sonowal

Contact No:9531157200

Name:Chandita Barman

Contact No:8721054645

Name:Puja Bezbaruah

Contact No:8011619029

Name:Akashdeep Chutia

Contact No:7002290479

Name:Kalyan Dutta

Contact No:7002046081

Name:Kalyan Lahan

Contact No:8473059383

Name:Amlandeep Gogoi

Contact No:7002662030

Name:Snigdha Chutia

Contact No:9761078258

Name:Tilok Thakuli

Contact No:8472090259

Name:Himashree Deka

Contact No: 9085653196

Name:Sudipta Mech

Contact No:8721976089

Name:Uday Aditya Baruah

Contact No:8724917565

Name:Kangkan Boro

Contact No:9706327196

Name:Vishal Upadhyay

Contact No:8822290997

Name:Bharat Bhusan Hazarika

Contact No:9508385663

Name:Ankita Mahanta

Contact No:8402065371

Name:Shrijan Gogoi

Contact No:8486400779

Name:Ripunjay Buragohain

Contact No:8473871862

Name:Zennat Farheen

Contact No:9706240040

Name:Pranjal Gogoi

Name:Anushmita Bhattacharya

Contact No:9577548758

Name:Farhad Nagori

Contact No:8721075807

Name:Manjyoti Medhi

Contact No:9859188335

Name:Pranita Devi

Contact No:7086189709

Name:Ibtisam Hussain

Contact No:9706524776